bulb                                                        Adjustable Wood Working Door Cabinet Holder Stop bulb

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Three gripping options available.  Move split ring toward ball for difficult, center for moderate and furthest away from ball for easy.  Three outside diameter grooves hold split spring in each position.

No drilling into floor, No magnets, nothing to kick down or up, no bending down to release or to secure and nothing to get lost.

Only two moving parts.  Easy concealed as in set of above photos.

Use inside or outside, on computer panels, cabinet doors or child resistant closures.

For cabinets and enclosures 5/8" diameter ball end is easily mounted directly to door without support tube.

Patent 6,629,335 available for sale or license. Window opens 10/07/2010.

Prevents door knob from smacking into wall.

Send $2.75 for one (1)    Price is for non-golf ball holding applications.  White only.  Email for quantity discounts.

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