bulb                                                        Medicine Container, Plastic Water Bottle Neck Ring bulb

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Prevent tampering with your personal water or wine bottle by locking it or use a cable tie

A neck ring flange is located just under screw on cap portion of a plastic container or bottle.  It is used to remove container from molding or filling machine.

Easy to install.   Only two parts.   Use existing cap.   No modifications to cap.    Container contents remain sealed using existing cap. 

Lots of space on outer cap for a company name or logo.

Neck Ring Lock prevents access to your favorite biological, chemical, hazardous, medication,  poison or generally bad substance kept in your home or place of business without your key or combination number.

Outside cover and lock shaft rotate 360 degrees independent of each other around secured cap.

Parental control of medication.

Patent 6,793,081 available for licensing or sale. Window opens 09/21/07.

Send $2.75 for one (1) includes brass padlock.  Available in white.     Add for resettable luggage combination lock @ $2.00 each.