In the beginning prehistoric man invented what we now call a wheel.
Thousands of years later André Michelin invented world’s first pneumatic tire in 1895.pneumatic tire
Three years later Schrader patented his tire .schrader valvevalve with cap using a replaceable core in 1898
It took another 40 years for Biro to invent his Birome Birome penball point pen in 1938.
In 1977 Rob Janoff who worked for Regis McKenna designed  apple logo  for Apple Computer. 

And now 5,323 years after it all began you can be a part of history with World’s first

Pen Using A Tire Valve-Stem Cap w/logo

Design Patent D538340 available for sale or license.  Issue date 03/13/2007.

Logo tire valve-stem cap easily threads to top of twist pen or to your tire valve stem(s).  Also works on click type ballpoint pens.

Functionality.  This is not just a patented pen using a tire valve-stem cap.  It's a quality pen using an advertising/personalized logo tire valve-stem cap plus matching logo tire valve-stem caps (for owners vehicle, bicycle, golf cart, motorcycle or private jet tires).   

Demographics.  Anyone who
writes, drives and wants to identify.

Construction. Valve caps are machined from 6061T6 aircraft Aluminum in your choice of polished chrome, black nickel or bright brass.  Logo is nearly 7/16" (0.4375) in diameter with a cap height of 1/2" (0.5000).  Ask about personalized logos using your or 300 dpi jpg or tif (preferred) image.  Logo setup is free however additional shipping time is 4-5 days.

Available on         Free pen sample to any Fortune 1000 company.
Also available Crucifix magnetCrucifix magnet with domed image and US flagUnited States Flag Valve Stem Cap

Click to see Valve Cap Magnet With Logo or Ornamental Stone

Email or call 310 928 6121 for Pen Using Tire Valve Stem Cap Logo help using your image.
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