bulb                                                        Electric Cord Plug Block Out Stopper bulb

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Conserve energy and prevent weekend or evening use of office equipment

Parental control of cable, satellite, stereo, TV, projector bulbs, power tools, electric powered games, kitchen, workshop, video lights, exercise equipment, online access, house guests, play station and Xbox.

Patent # 6,159,025 available for licensing or sale.  Window opens 12/12/07.

Plug Block out prevents insertion of an electrical plug into an outlet in compliance with OSHA standard 29CFR1910.147.   Measures 2" X 1" X 1".   A 1/16" diameter hardened one inch long dowel pin passes through prong end openings.

Your color choice lemon, orange, and yam colored Polypropylene add for looping tether $0.25 each.   Email when adding steel padlocks for USPS shipping for over 2 and for Quantity discount prices.

Works with Kensington Technology Group motion detecting alarm or go to YouTube for a hands on install video. Unless you have DSL or cable it might take a while to download.