bulb                                            Pop Top Aluminum Beverage Soda Can Lotion, Soap Dispenser bulb

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Advertise or illustrate your product with 360 degrees of vibrant photo printing only smooth surface of a pop top aluminum can will offer.

Patent # D478273 available for sale or license. Expires 11/12/17.  An enhanced patent pending improvement

allows beverage can "marks" to be obscured by artwork placed between tube and can or printing directly on tube fitting over pop top beverage can.   Print your favorite photo, use a magazine page, family photo, vacation spot, country flag, team sport logo, family pet, favorite car, celebrity, inspirational saying, religious symbol and simply wrap around can.  See it on youtube

A few beverage companies have requested I stop showing their copyrighted beverage trademark registration "marks" on this site and strongly suggest I do not offer for sale their beverage can converted into a Pop Top Can Dispenser.
 I would like to state I have never, I repeat, I have never sold any beverage can(s) converted into a Pop Top Aluminum Can Lotion Dispenser having "marks" registered by others. That being said, a Pop Top Aluminum Can Lotion Dispenser would make for an innovative product tie-in between a beverage and hand, lotion, liquid soap or skin moisturizing company as an innovative reminder its time to pop open another can of their favorite beverage.