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50 BMG shown in upper right $ each

.308 available in brass or nickel plated brass.

Custom modification to your rifle shell or favorite corporate pen to a Valet key holder. Grenade like safety ring quickly releases key ring from opposite side

Key rings rotate independent from each other on either side.  

Patent 6,668,608 available for sale or license. New applications coming soon! Window opens 12/30/2010.  See Pen Using Tire Valve Stem cap for packaging with Artwork tire valve caps.

Pushing key ring post in snaps it in to secure.  Pull to remove.

Space on body of holder allows for your "if lost" label.

See BMG retractable pen or Bullet cable end lock or golf ball Valet key holder or Valet key holder 2 Send for .308 $ in brass or nickel plated brass or M16 in nickel plated brass.  Add $ for 50 BMG in clear lacquer over polished Brass, Chrome over polished brass, clear lacquer over Nickel  plated polished brass and clear lacquer over black Nickel polished Brass.